What is ADHD Coaching? 

Support for parents who are taking steps toward a Drama Free ADHD life.  

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What is Coaching?


Coaching is a collaboration between a person and a coach using a thought-provoking and reflective process that inspires the parent to discover and magnify their own processes and potential. Coaches bring expertise to the conversation to help the parent unlock new possibilities and discover new insights to chart a way forward. Using regularly scheduled meetings, the coach is able to support the parent to understand what the desired outcome looks and feels like and put their learnings and insights into practice to achieve tangible growth and change.

What Coaching Is Not

Coaching is not therapy. Therapy focuses on the past. Coaching starts from where you are and moves forward by taking action. Coaching can have a therapeutic effect as people feel calmer and more in control of their life.

Coaching is not passive. Coaching is a very active process and holds parents accountable for taking steps forward to achieve their goals.

Coaching is not always comfortable. Coaching requires you to be ready to do things differently and sometimes change can be uncomfortable. 

Why Does Coaching Work?


The reason many parenting programs don’t work for families who manage ADHD is because it asks you to adopt their one-size-fits-all methodology. And, you often have to do it all on your own.

Coaching, however, starts with YOUR family’s goals and values and teaches you how to meet the needs of each member of your family. This is vital because as children grow and change, parents need to be able to adjust the systems they are using. Ultimately, parents who have been coached are more confident, make better decisions for themselves, their child with ADHD, and their families, and navigate life’s ups and downs with confidence and ease.

Drama Free ADHD

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What others have to say

So many a-has. I made changes the next day that worked. Finally!

-Mom of a 13 year-old

Thank you for being real, honest, and straightforward. I could actually make decisions for my family.

-Mom of a 10 year-old

I'm so glad I found Tara. She's helped me understand what's going on with my child and how to best help them. I can't believe the difference it has made in our life.

-Mom of 12 year-old