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Why Tara

Tara is a motivational speaker, an educator, a trained facilitator, and creator of The O'Brien Method. She works with parents who have yet to feel as though they can consistently, confidently, and calmly parent their child with ADHD. In addition to learning which parenting practices they need to ditch, Tara also reveals:

  • The One Simple Mindset Shift you need to finally stop feeling overhwlemd and create the life that you thought you couldn't have.
  • The REAL Reason why you've struggled with your child no matter how many charts  you've created, how many threats you've made, or even how generously you've rewarded them.
  • The One Overlooked Assumption that will keep you in the whirlwind of stress and frustration until you make this simple shift in your parenting which will have you asking..." why didn't I do this sooner?"

Her secrets to success.

With over 20 years of ‘dealing’ with ADHD, Tara’s down-to-earth demeanor connects with audiences who will laugh while they learn. Her candid understanding of the impact of ADHD disarms any lingering tension which helps audiences engage immediately and leaves them with empowering tools and focused mindsets that they will use long after the event is over. Tara is passionate about healthy, successful relationships and she is especially inspired to help maxed-out parents of kids with ADHD powerfully transform the daily challenges they face into calm, positive experiences.



Tara has presented on stages across the country, appeared on podcasts and webinars, and written on the power of coaching on mindset and wellness.

When not speaking on stages, in podcasts, or on webinars around the country, writing articles on the power of mindset and coaching, or coaching amazing Moms & Dads, Tara can be found generally goofing around with her husband and two kids or enjoying a quiet walk their dog.

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